Save Hull's RSPCA

Hull's RSPCA rescue centre been operational since 1938 helping those animals most in need of specialist help. Their priority is to take in animals that have suffered cruelty, neglect or abandonment and have been rescued by RSPCA Inspectors. Their expert team at the animal rescue centre work to rehabilitate these animals to fully recover both mentally and physically. They are neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and wormed ready for rehoming.

The shelter, on Clough Road, desperately needs updating to ensure staff and volunteers can continue to care for animals in need - parts of the shelter are no longer fit to use.  Plans are in place to build new facilities but the charity does not have the funds to pay for the work.

People believe that because they are part of the RSPCA, they have access to a great deal of funding but in reality, they only receive a small amount of money from the national pot.  Their running costs are around £400k annually and this year the RSPCA gave the only £26k to contribute to this which means they rely on their own fundraising and donations.

Here at Get Set Stamps we love animals - our very own Marketing Manager has two cats which she adopted from this centre - therefore, we wanted to do our bit to help these fabuous people do what they do best.
We have put together a range of stamps and gifts designed for animal lovers - every time someone buys one of these products we will make a donation to Hull's RSPCA animal rescue centre to help them raise the £1m needed to rebuild their kennels.