"...loves me best" Charity Coaster

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£0.88 will be donated to charity
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£0.88 from this coaster will be donated to Hull's RSPCA animal rescue centre.

It's obvious who their favourite is...right?!

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As much as they try to hide it, it's obvious that our pets have their favourites.  Now it's time to set the record straight and settle those arguements!
Designed especailly for Hull's RSPCA Animal Rescue Centre, £0.88 from this coaster will be donated back to charity to help rebuild their kennels.
This "loves me best" coaster can be personalised with your type or breed of pet.
About the mug:
  • Personalised with the type or breed of your pet
  • Made from high quality hard wood with a gloss finish on top
  • Measures 90x90mm
Learn more about RSPCA Hull and how they need your help!