Motivate, Reward, and Boost Confidence!

Posted on 5th August 2022 by Get Set Stamps

Stay Motivated During the Holidays!

School holidays are always a great opportunity for some down time and quality time with your little ones, but with all the excitement it’s sometimes hard to keep normal routines on track.

That’s why we put together these FREE to download reward charts to help your kiddies stay motivated.

Children working together to earn reward stampsChildren working together to earn reward stamps

FREE Reward Charts

Whether you're trying to encourage good behaviour at home, or teaching children the value of money by motivating them to earn their own pocket money, reward charts are a great way teach important life skills, track progress, and maintain focus.

Our FREE to download reward charts are designed to help children reach achievable targets. Not only does this boosts their confidence but also adds an element of fun to mundane chores.

Simply download the charts, print them out onto A4 paper, then add your child's details, list of chores or targets, and decide on the reward.

Reward Chart

free to download reward chartfree to download reward chart

Great for younger children. Track potty training, encourage them to eat their greens, or simply reward good behaviour.

Pocket Money Chart

free to download pocket money chartfree to download pocket money chart

Teach the value of money by creating their very own jobs list so that they can earn their pocket money.

Stamps to Success!

Brightly coloured motivational stamps are great for use with our reward charts, they fit perfectly within the spaces provided and give an added element of fun to tracking your child’s progress, and with a choice of traditional motivational stamps, animal stampers, or modern emoji stamps, there’s something to suit every personality!

Motivational Stamps

traditional school motivation stampstraditional school motivation stamps

Animal Stampers

Animal stampsAnimal stamps

Emoji Stamps

Emoji stampsEmoji stamps

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