Pre-Inked Custom Stamps (EOS)

Do you need a stamp that is capable of printing fine detail?

If so, the COLOP EOS pre-inked range of stamps is for you!

Ideal for intricate logos and smaller text, COLOP EOS rubber stamps produce clear sharp impressions time and time again.

Each stamp is made from a minimum of 80% recycled materials and can give up to 20,000 impressions before re-inking is necessary.

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What is a COLOP EOS Stamp?

A COLOP EOS stamp is a pre-inked rubber stamp.  The textplate is made from a piece of foam which is exposed to a high voltage flash, which in turn burns your design onto the foam. 

Ink is then added to the stamp which migrates through the burnt image, which means that there is no need for separate stamp pads.


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