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Animal Stampers

At Get Set Stamps we love animals, so we created this range of animal stamps to celebrate our favourite fluffy pals.  Use them as reward stamps, make your own stickers, or to decorate your journals and notes.
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FREE Reward Charts!

Free to download reward chartsFree to download reward charts

Whether you're trying to encourage good behaviour at home, or teaching children the value of money by motivating them to earn their own pocket money, reward charts are a great way to track progress and maintain focus.

Our FREE TO DOWNLOAD reward charts are designed to be used in line with our motivational stamps and work great with our COLOP school stampers, emoji stamps, and animal stampers.

Simply download the chart, print it out onto A4 paper, then add your child's details, list of chores or targets, and decide on the reward.

Click the links below to download your charts today!

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