COLOP Classic 2100 Antibacterial Custom Text Stamp

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Customisable self-inking stamp made from a mixture of metal and plastic making it robust buy light weight.

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Lines of text 6
Impression size 39 x 24 mm
Pad colours

Microban antibacterial technology is built into the handle to inhibit the growth of bacteria. This stamp is ideal for contact details or addresses.
Ink pads are easily replaced and extra pads can be bought separately. Each ink pad will give thousands of crisp, clear impressions.

Impression size: 39x24mm
Maximum number of lines: 6
Available ink colours: Black, Blue, Red, Green or Violet
Replacement pad: E/2100

COLOP Classic Line stamps are made of a mixture of plastic and metal, making them lightweight but tough enough for heavy duty usage. Ideal in warehouses and workshops.