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The e-mark is an electronic mobile marking device to create, change and print own imprints using an App on a mobile device or PC.
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The e-mark is much more than a stamp

It is an electronical mobile marking device that offers full colour imprints in almost unlimited designs and variations. Impressive address imprints with logos and pictures but also time and even QR-code or barcode are possible as well as numbering functionalities.

The e-mark is operated either with a mobile device or via desktop. The included free of charge app offers comprehensive possibilities to create individual and unique imprints or better said impressions and to organize them as well.


Office and organisational tool

The e-mark is a multifunctional office tool to stamp on printed documents, mark on folders or office equipment and makes the office life more diversified. Special functions such as automatic date and time, QR- and barcode generator and a set of predefined templates simplify office work.


Personalisation and marketing tool

With the e-mark, all kinds of folders, envelopes, bags,… are easily personalised and it is perfect for marketing purposes. Use it at events or in contact with your customers.



  • “Plug and play”
  • Multicolour imprints
  • Sophisticated App for unlimited imprint designs
  • Date, time and numbering generator
  • QR-code and barcode generator
  • Custom imprint designs
  • Ready-to-use stamp-imprints
  • Special features and functionalities

App / Software

Download your e-mark software here:

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COLOP e-mark desktop app



Watch the e-mark in action!


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COLOP e-mark
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