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Self-Inking Custom Text & Logo Stamps

Do you need to customise or add extra details to your business documents or craft projects?

The possibilities are endless with a custom self-inking stamp - creating a personalised, professional impressions is a piece of cake!

Whether you need a custom text stamp, a logo stamp, or want to add a bit of fun with a clipart, we have them all, from small circular stamps to extra-large stamps to suit your needs.

Our COLOP and Trodat self-inking stamps provide the highest quality impressions every time!


rectangular Custom Stamp Imprint
Rectangular self-inking stamps, ideal for addresses, contact details and more.


square Custom Stamp Imprint
Square stamps, ideal for logos, initials and address details.

Round & Oval

Round & Oval
round and oval Custom Stamp Imprint
Circular and oval stamps, ideal for loyalty cards, quality control, eductational settings and businesses.

Mini & Portable

Mini & Portable
small Custom Stamp Imprint
Small and compact, the perfect travel companion.  Take your personal details with you for business trips, Track and Trace, and more.


big Custom Stamp Imprint
Large stamps for lots of information - text, grids, logos, tables and more.

Personalised stamps are the best way to boost productivity and brand awareness.

A custom stamp can be used on business documents, adding a personal message to wedding invitations, cards, craft projects, wrapping paper, and much more.

Before ordering, make sure you know what text you want to be included on your stamp, you can also include your business logo, your own graphic or choose from one of the clipart stored in our library.  Once you have your design in mind, ensure you select a custom stamp that suits your needs. There are various ranges to choose from according to your application and environment you wish to use your stamp. For instance, if the stamp is for everyday use in the office or at your business place, a lightweight self-inking stamp is the best to use. Heavy duty metal stamps are best for intensive and repetitive use and are robust enough to last in a warehouse or factory setting. Compact mobile custom stamps are perfect for sales people who do a lot of travelling.

All of our custom stamps come in a range of shapes and sizes, the number of lines for each stamp is specified making it easy for you to see which rubber stamp will fit your design.  There is also a choice of ink colour to choose from, so you can ensure your design stands out.

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