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Posted on 6th February 2019 by Get Set Stamps.
Eco friendly officeEco friendly office

Incorporating environment-friendly practices into business models is becoming the norm in most modern organisations. Not only does it contribute significantly to the global ambition of achieving a greener and cleaner planet, but it also helps to enhance a company's bottom line. As more and more consumers become eco-conscious, it is imperative for businesses to show their concern and dedication towards environment conservation in order to stand out. In the past, it seemed unfeasible for a company to go green and still be profitable. However, recently, becoming environment-friendly has proved to be an indispensable business strategy.

Going green isn't as complicated as it initially seemed. This is especially true for start-ups since they are at their most flexible phases. For already established businesses, transitioning from traditional practices to more eco-friendly ones is surely worth the sacrifice due to the array of short-term and long-term benefits realised. So, what are some of the practices that a business can engage in order to have a positive impact on the environment?

Utilise alternative sources of energy

When your business makes use of alternative source of power such as solar and wind, it significantly reduces your business' carbon footprint. What's worth noting is the fact that these sources of energy are cheap and readily available. Utilising alternative and renewable sources of energy helps divert funds to other revenue generating operations since energy costs are greatly reduced.

In addition to utilising alternative sources of energy, other ways of conserving energy include the installation of LED lighting, switching off electrical appliances when they are not in use and making use of natural lighting during the day. Even though LED lights do cost more than regular lights, it is worth noting that they do last longer and are great energy savers.

It is also essential to make use of electrical appliances that are energy efficient. This may mean replacing old technology with new and environment-friendly technology. Manufacturers are now more than ever focused on ensuring that their products are more energy efficient and environment-friendly than the rest. Hence, there's a myriad of enticing and affordable offers out there for business to choose from.

Digitise your business

Digitising your business is amongst the most efficient means of making your business eco-friendly. It significantly helps to reduce paper waste. For advertisements, your business should consider online marketing campaigns. Not only will this help you reach out to a wider range of consumers, but it will also cut down on waste.

When it comes to the issuance of receipts and invoices, there are customers who prefer physical copies while others are just okay with acquiring soft copies. In this case, it is prudent to inquire from your customers and act accordingly.

A paperless working environment has also been proven to increase focus and productivity within organisations since there are fewer distractions within the working area. Undoubtedly, there are numerous perks associated with digitising business operations, both for your business and the environment. In addition to reducing waste, your business will have played a role in the conservation of trees.

Purchase eco-friendly office supplies

Even though digitisation is great for business, some vital business operations may still require the traditional paperwork. Therefore, investing in environmentally friendly office stationery is a viable option in ensuring that your business remains environmentally conscious. Eco-friendly office supplies include products such as recycled and recyclable paper products, refillable pens, reusable mugs and cups and eco-friendly rubber stamps. If your business is in need of environmentally friendly rubber stamps, we offer a range of COLOP Green Line self-inking eco-friendly rubber stamps, which are manufactured from sustainable and recycled material. Worth noting is the fact that our COLOP Green Line products are made of 65% to 80% recycled plastic.

Partnering with businesses that offer environment-friendly products also encourages your employees to be more eco-conscious.

Recycle electronic waste

Research has shown that electronic waste is toxic to the environment and hazardous to human health. Therefore, proper disposal mechanisms should be put in place when it comes to electronic waste. Disposal methods such as landfills do more harm than good when e-waste is involved. Recycling is, without a doubt, the safest and most efficient method of e-waste disposal. Fortunately, there are many reputable and professional companies that specialise in the recycling of electronics.

Donating your outdated technology to other entities that may find the technology useful to them is another efficient way of disposing electronics. Proper disposal of your e-waste also helps to boost your bottom line. As consumers are now much more aware of the hazards associated with electronic waste, your business can easily be turned into a villain if called out for improper disposal.

Eco-friendly means of transport

It is a well-known fact that exhausts from gas powered vehicles are toxic to the environment. It is also a common fact that the majority of employees who own cars drive themselves to work, and they are usually alone at most times. This tends to increase the number of vehicles on the road subsequently increasing the amount of atmospheric pollution. There are various measures that your business can implement to help alleviate this problem. Employees can be encouraged, if possible, to walk or ride to work or set up a company carpool chain. There are companies that provide their employees with vehicles as an incentive. If this is a tradition within your company, you can look into the provision of electric and/or hybrid cars, which are far less harmful to the environment.

Utilise environment-friendly cleaning products

Hygiene and cleanliness is a major priority in most businesses. However, in the pursuit of the targeted level of cleanliness within the business surroundings, businesses may knowingly or unknowingly make use of products that contain toxic components that may be harmful to both the environment and the employees. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that products used while cleaning are non-toxic and also biodegradable.

Going green is fast gaining ground, both at an individual level and business level. There is a global fight to ensure that the beauty of Mother Nature is conserved, and the unflattering risks of climate change are alleviated. Businesses are adopting environment-friendly practices and also reaping the benefits from doing so. Therefore, there is absolutely no reason that should hinder a business from engaging in this worthy cause.

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