Create your own Style

Posted on 6th June 2022 by Get Set Stamps

Express your unique style with LaDot Cosmetics temporary tattoos


If you love the idea of body art, but don't want a permanent tattoo, LaDot is perfect for you! Whether you're on the beach, enjoying a well-earned holiday abroad, watching your favourite band at the hottest summer festival, or partying with your friends, with LaDot you can create an impression with your own unique style.

LaDot tattoos offer an authentic look without the lifetime commitment!

Let us inspire you...

No matter what the occasion, you can let your creativity stand out, by adding your own personal style to your LaDot skin stamps.

Here we have a few examples on how you can customise your designs with your own personal twist.


Lady with tattoo on arm lying on a beachLady with tattoo on arm lying on a beach

Make amazing summer memories!

Sun, sea, sand, and waterproof temporary tattoos to show off your sun-kissed skin.

These designs are perfect for fun in the sun.


Turn up the music and dance the night away!

LaDot cosmetics are the perfect outdoor makeup - long lasting and water-resistant means they'll easily keep up the pace.

Show the world your inner sparkle with these design ideas.


Stay cool in the city!

Casual tattoos for everyday life - whether you're lunching with friends, or shopping, show off your own style.

Keep it casual with these designs.


Girls just wanna have fun!

Feel confident and free with your friends - there's no need to limit yourself.

Show off your creativity with these styles.


Make every day the best day!

Great for all of the family. LaDot tattoos are hypoallergenic and gentle on skin.

Be the star at every kids party with these designs.


Love, dreams, and emotions!

Be the belle of the ball at every party and family occasion. Whether you're wearing a wedding dress, little black dress, or favourite party dress - look great and feel great.

Let your skin be your canvas with these fun designs.

Create your own style time and time again

Depending on your mood and the occasion you can choose a new tattoo as often as you need. If you change your mind or make a mistake, don't worry! LaDot temporary tattoos are easily removed with makeup remover or baby oil - ready for you to start again.

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