Cost Effective Branding

Posted on 19th February 2024 by Get Set Stamps

Branding without the fees!

White paper bags with stamped logo in the middleWhite paper bags with stamped logo in the middle

We all know that branded packaging can cost an arm and a leg, with artwork fees, printing fees, and not to mention the minimum order quantities which takes up valuable space...!

Did you know that stamping your paper bags and boxes with a good quality rubber stamp can look just as professional as having them pre-printed?!

What's more, a well looked after stamp can last more than 10 years! During that time, the only on-going cost would be the occasional replacement pad or ink.

Our Top Picks for DIY Branding…

Traditional Rubber Stamps

Wooden rubber stamp used to print logo onto paper bagsWooden rubber stamp used to print logo onto paper bags

If you’re looking for a timeless rustic feel for your branding, our traditional wooden rubber stamps are perfect!  

Available in a range of sizes, ideal for small parcel boxes, paper bags, and even uncoated stickers - cover all your branding needs with one simple tool!

Pre-inked EOS Stamps

Pre-inked EOS stamp printing logo onto paper bagPre-inked EOS stamp printing logo onto paper bag

Looking for something a little more “polished”?  Our EOS stamps give a high quality imprint of up to 600dpi allowing finer details and a professional quality look.

EOS stamps are made using flash technology which means no stamp pad is necessary.  Each stamp should give around 20.000 prints before re-inking is required.

XL Rocker Stamps

Extra-large rocker stamp used to print onto extra-large paper bagsExtra-large rocker stamp used to print onto extra-large paper bags

Big bags and boxes?  No problem!

With a maximum print area of 225x195mm these extra-large Rocker stamps are perfect for larger packaging solutions.

The kits come with everything you need to get started, including an extra-large ink pad and inks.

Benefits of Rubber Stamp Branding

  • Cost effective - stamps will last for years if looked after properly.
  • No minimum order quantities.
  • No artwork fees - add a logo, business name, marketing text, etc for no additional cost.
  • Complete branding solution - print onto paper bags, cardboard boxes, uncoated stickers, tissue paper, and more with a single stamp.
  • Quick turnaround - orders placed before 12 noon, Monday to Friday leave us the same day.

Can't find what you're looking for?

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