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Posted on 25th October 2023 by Get Set Stamps

Extending the life of your COLOP School Stampers

COLOP School Stampers will give you around 15,000 prints.  But what do you do when your stamps run out?  Read on to find out how to extend the life of your stamp so you can keep motivating for longer.

Motivate, reward, and boost confidence.

Whether you’re a teacher or teaching assistant in the classroom, or you’re a parent at home, our COLOP School Stampers are great little tools for motivating, rewarding, and boosting the confidence of children within a school setting or even around the home. Their bright colours and child-friendly designs make learning and tracking behaviour fun!  

What makes COLOP’s School Stampers special?

Our motivational stamps are made using “flash” technology, this means there are no messy ink pads needed.  

When manufacturing these stamps, a specially formulated piece of foam is placed on top of the stamp’s design, the foam is then exposed to a bright flash of light.  The light seals the foam, leaving just the design unsealed.  Ink is then added to the stamp which then migrates through the unsealed parts of the foam to create the impression.  Because of the accuracy of the flash technology, these stamps are able to produce a higher level of detail than a traditional rubber stamp of around 600pdi.

As long as you properly look after your School Stamper, you should get around 15,000 prints and could last a few years!

How to look after your School Stamper

COLOP School StampersCOLOP School Stampers

Your stamp is supplied in a protective case.  When not in use, always make sure you pop your stamp in there with the lid shut – this will not only keep your stamp in tip-top condition but will also protect your desk and other surfaces from ink marks.

We also suggest keeping your School Stamper in a cupboard or drawer away from direct light and any heat sources.  Ink, like any other liquid, will evaporate faster if it’s exposed too long to light and heat.

Refilling your stamp

COLOP School Stamper being re-inkedCOLOP School Stamper being re-inked

Even though our COLOP School Stampers should last some time if looked after properly, they will eventually run out. 

Though there are no ink pads in these stamps, as mentioned earlier, there is ink and this can be topped up!

In order to do this, you will need our specially formulated COLOP EOS refresher ink.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Pull off the handle of your stamp
  2. Add 5 drops of ink into the hole at the top of the base
  3. Pop your handle back on
  4. Leave for a few minutes to allow the ink to start migrating through the foam again (if you stamp is super dry, it may take up to an hour)

Your stamp is now good to go again.

COLOP EOS refresher ink.

Bottles of EOS refresher inksBottles of EOS refresher inks

The COLOP EOS refresher ink comes in 25ml bottles and is available in a variety of colours.  Because you’re only using 5 drops per School Stamper there’s plenty of ink to refill again and again allowing you to use the stamp motivation stamp for longer!

To order your COLOP EOS refresher ink, hit the button below

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